In November 2010 children from eight Derbyshire schools attended workshops led by poet Andy Tooze where they produced poems based on themes of absence and longing.

These poems formed the source material for the text featured on the back panels of the Take Me With You lorries.

Participating Schools: (click to skip to each school's poems)

Blackwell Primary School
New Bolsover Primary
Barlborough Primary
Whaley Thorns Primary
Brookfield Primary
Palterton Primary
Anthony Bek Primary
Bramley Vale Primary

Blackwell Primary School

My Sisters Brothers
Uncles Mothers
Grandchild Sisters
Brothers me
And that's my family tree

My Nan has died last year
She was old
I only saw her once
At her party
I was only five
I wish she could come back
But she can't
At least she is happy
I miss her
I love you Nan

I miss you when you go on long journeys
You disappear into thin air
I never really want you to go
Take my hand never let go
Come back
Please, come back please
Take me with you


Dad when you are not home
I feel alone
When you are not with me
I really miss you
When you are at work I feel deserted
When you come home
I'm ecstatic

I know you are not always here
To me you are deep in my heart
I know you aren't far
To me you are very far
I know you seem ages away
To me you seem like you have gone
I know you won't leave me, never
To me you've gone forever
The day you die you will live in my heart forever

My Dad's away all day
He's home when its dark
Then we go on the Nintendo Wii
When its time to go to bed he says goodnight
Then he closes the door
I wish he could stay

New Bolsover Primary

My Dad works away
But sometimes he stays
My Dad works away
In different places everyday
My Dad works away
But I still love him in everyway

Dad is great
Dad is wonderful
Dad is fantastic
Dad is enthusiastic
Dad is marvellous
Dad is thunderous
Dad is great
I wish I could see you

My Dad's name is Lee
He always works away
But when he goes
I really want him to stay
Don't go
Don't go
I will miss you
That's why I don't want you to go
I will miss you and I will always be thinking of you


I love my dad in a major way
But I hate it when he has to work away
He drives a lorry so he goes all over
So most of the time me and my Mum are lonely
When my Dad gets home again we are all happy once again

You leave me alone my heart breaks
I am all alone you leave me empty inside
Your life like a rollercoaster
It can take you down hill or give you great opportunities
The one spot you need to fill is my empty heart
Take me with you
Your heart needs to be filled with love
Remember me and everyone else
We will always love you

I know you're not always here for me when I need you
You know that I worry about you when you are not here over night
And sometimes I feel very lonely
When you come home it is the best time of my life with you
I love you Dad for ever and always will

Barlborough Primary

I miss my Dad
I only see him Friday to Sunday
He does nights at Royal Mail
And it makes me upset!
I never get to talk to him that much!
My Dad will always think about me

Dad, Dad
You make me sad
When you go away
In your lorry
That's not like a Ferrari
On a rainy day
When you are home
I'm not alone
Because you are here

Take me with you
Don't make me cry
I'll miss you
That's why
Take me with you


Hold my hand
Hold my hand and never let go
Otherwise I'll cry and weep
I thought you were mine to keep
Now you are on the go,
You are not with me
I'm feeling so low
Down on my knees

When you're upset it makes me sad
When you're crazy it makes me mad
When you're happy it makes me glad
When you go, take me with you

My Dad works away
But usually not for long just the day
Sometimes he has to stay
A long, long way away
But when he comes home again
Its normally late
So when will I see him?
When when when?
Finally I see him before it is dark
Then we go and play football in the park

Whaley Thorns Primary

I really love my Nan
But now she has died
It really puts tears in my eyes
I wish my Nan was alive
I really love my Nan
We used to have some happy moments
And she will always be in my heart
Me and my Nan was like glue
I loved my Nan
And I'm sure she loves me too

My Dad's name is Gary
He is always there for me
I always miss him when he goes back to Durham
My Dad's name is Gary
I talk to him on the phone
When he says goodbye Owen
I always start to cry

I'm missing you
You're still my friend
Even though you are not here
I still feel you're watching in heaven
I'm missing you
There is enough room for you in my loving heart
And always will be
I know I love you
I'm missing you
My Aunty Diane


My big Brother Ricky
Is very special to me
He risked his life to save our country
He was in the army you see
He went to lots of places
Belize and Africa too
They wanted him to stay for 8 years
In Afghanistan so he said I'm leaving 'toodleloo'
My big Brother Ricky is 23 now see
He's settled for a calmer life
He works for 'Buy As You View'

I had a hamster called Willow and one called Fluffy
And I miss them so much
I wish they could come back when I am sad
So I wish love to Willow and Fluffy
When Willow used to go in his ball and bang into the door it made me laugh
And Fluffy going wild forever
R.I.P. Willow and Fluffy
I'll always love you forever

I want my Dad
I hate it when he has to do nights
I just want to know that he's alright when he gets home
Dad, don't go
Don't go I want you here
I hope you don't get hurt on the way home
Come home to me

Brookfield Primary

April loves me
I love you
If you do, take me with you
One is single, two is a pair
I can't be single, I need to share
With a partner not on my own
Please do, take me with you
When you are gone
I feel upset
But when you are here
I feel the best
You need me, I need you
We do so
Take me with you

Take me with you please
Take me with you
I will kiss you goodbye high, high
To the heavens above goodbye and remember
Take me with you

My Uncle is not here to stay
My Uncle is not here to play
And although my Uncle is not here today
I know he'll be with me in every way


My Dad Dennis
Is a menace
But when he is away
The house is very quiet
But I love him anyway
My dad Dennis the Menace

My Aunty has died
At her funeral I cried
I tell you it has not ripped us apart
I say I always have her in my heart
I bet she always misses me
She's that star up there see

I'm missing Charlie
My little Zebra finch
He died last week
I'm missing his little cheep
I'm missing Charlie
I'm missing Charlie and the flapping of his wings
I'm missing Charlie
He has a special place in my heart

Palterton Primary

My Dad goes away
From Tuesday to Thursday
London is where he stays
I love my Dad anyway

Cats, dogs, bunnies and budgies
All make good pets
But the best was cats and budgies
Hey guys, love you loads
Have you lost the best pet of your life?
Like me!

When you go we are all alone
So please take me with you
When you are at work we are waiting here
So please take me with you
Waiting, listening, looking for you
The house is quiet as a mouse
When you come home it is how it should be
Laughter, happiness and comfort


My Aunty made me smile
She made me laugh
The worst thing of all was saying goodbye
The next day a hole was gone
A hole of joy, laughing and fun
But all of that goes to missing my Aunty Irene

Grandad Tom is my Granddad
He made me laugh
I decorate his grave with my Nan
My Grandad had false teeth
They made me laugh
My Grandad watched Cowboys and Indians
I miss him
He was a great Grandad

I can't help but cry
He goes away every single month
He leaves when I am in bed
I can't help but cry
But he is my dad and he needs to do his job

Anthony Bek Primary

My Nan has died
When she died I cried
She was funny
She had lots of goodies
I love my Nan
She acted like my Mam
I love my Nan

My dad does nights
It makes me upset
I don't want him to go
It makes me want to go to his work
I love my Dad
And he loves me too
I wish my dad did not work
I want my Dad
I cry for my Dad when he does nights
My Dad is a rubbish man
My dad is a recycler and gets all the recycling stuff out

I love my Dad I really do
I love my Dad he loves me too
I miss my Dad everyday of the week
And it makes my eyes start to leak
I talk to my Dad every day
I only see him Friday to Sunday
I love you Dad, I really do
And Dad I know that you love me to


My Dad works away but he loves his job so that's okay
My Dad loves me because he gives me hugs and kisses
My Dad is cool, he's nice and ecstatic when he sees me
My Dad is my number one fan, my friend and my Mum's
My Dad is a number one Dad he is the best Dad in the world

My friend Vicky has a dad called Mark who drives Lorries
She misses him all the time
He often works nights and when he is home he is mostly asleep
And when he has nights off he always spends time with her
Vicky misses her dad

I love my Mum Kristy
She's the best mum I could ever have
But it makes me sad when she is not in when I get home from school
The only time that I see her is at the weekend
When she's away
I imagine her right in front of me.
I love my Mum
I wish I saw her all the time
She is the best Mum ever but I never see her.
Please, please take me with you.

Bramley Vale Primary

My Gramma was so kind
My Gramma had a clever mind
My Gramma loves me loads
My Gramma bought me clothes
I miss her smile
She has been gone for a while

My Grandma's great
She's funny
She's mad
My Grandma's fantastic
She's lovely
She's kind
I wish I could see her again

My Aunty is very kind
She works very hard and doesn't mind
She likes to go shopping but feels like dropping
She works most of the time
I miss my Aunty Sheree
And she misses me


I miss my Dad at school
While he is building a swimming pool
My Dad's the best at chess
I miss him at work he makes me smirk
He's the best Dad ever
I think about him all day
I won't let him blow away
I pretend that he's beside me but he's always outside of me
You can't force a bit of sweat on his head when he's working hard
You can't get a better Dad than mine

Lost in my loving heart but covering
Ostrich neck towering over me always waiting
Sitting there typing there but always loving there
Tight cuddly Dad there but always the loss I feel
Muttering to me as I watch time travel
Yo he's there for when I need care never away over there
Driving away further and further. I sob over there on my way
Absolutely loveable the love flows through the air
Driving to me more and more the love comes straight on

My Dad keeps going to work and he stays until Friday
My Dad is the best when I am upset. My dad cheers me up


Thanks to the participating schools and Andy Tooze.