Take Part!

The participatory element of the project has now come to an end.
Below is an archive of uploaded comments and images.
If you wish to comment on the project or contact the artists please send an email via the contact page.

Your comments and photos

From: David Bloomfield

Date: 15.01.2011
Location: CRL Halesowen
Comments: "I think this is a fantastic idea , as a lorry driver for over 30 years I know what it is like to leave your loved ones . HGV drivers are unsung heroes."

From: Steve

Date: 18.01.2011
Location: Stuck in the A406 road works
Comments: "Well in made me look !"

From: Stearman Family

Date: 20.01.2011
Location: At the launch
Comments: "This is a picture of me dad at the launch he is on top of his lorry "

From: Steve Francis

Date: 20.01.2011
Location: March
Comments: "It made lots of heads turn another great idea do not see to many, well done "

From: Sue

Date: 20.01.2011
Location: March
Comments: "Good to see a female driver and a very good idea something different but homely"

From: Big John D

Date: 20.01.2011
Location: March

From: Andy

Date: 21.01.2011
Location: Euro tunnel uk
Comments: "Getting checked 4 drugs or explosives."

From: kirsty

Date: 21.01.2011
Location: Bp
Comments: "think it is a brilliant idea"

From: Paul

Date: 27.01.2011
Location: Cotswold Provisions Evesham
Comments: "Picking up a reload, cheers Wess.
"well done Wess hope the new baby gets here ok. Good luck to you and the mrs."

From: Gareth Wiscombe

Date: 01.02.2011
Location: Acton, London
Comments: "I've seen this outside my window at work everyday for the last fortnight."

From: Lindsey Scott

Date: 02.02.2011
Location: Grimsby Docks
Comments: "Thought this lorry would look nice on the docks "

From: Paul

Date: 07.02.2011
Location: Norish at Bury

From: Andy

Date: 13.02.2011
Location: Dover
Comments: "Me at Dover waiting for a ferry "

From: Neil

Date: 13.02.2011
Location: March
Comments: "saw this on the way into March"

From: Model Truck Kid

Date: 17.02.2011
Location: March coldstore Yard
Comments: "Remember me!!!!!! got this photo of Andy's trl keep up the good work. Where is Erics Trailer!!!!!"

From: Val Carman, Project Manager [Take Me With You], Junction Arts

Date: 22.01.2011
Location: J29 M1
Comments:"Today, my daily drive up the M1 took on a new perspective. Just south of junction 29 in rain and fog, I saw my first Take Me With You lorry.
Having worked with Mat on this project for over 2 years, this was a special moment. So many people have contributed and now so many are seeing this extraordinary work..."

From: kirsty

Date: 10.03.2011
Location: A14 huntingdon
Comments: "Paul with his trailer"

From: Becky

Date: 16.03.2011
Location: At Tescos in Ely
Comments: "One of my friends family is taking part but today I saw Andy's lorry"

From: Anonymous

Date: 23.03.2011
Location: A1 Southbound
Comments: "I was so curious to know what Take me with you was after sitting in traffic behind one a lorry this am, that I looked it up as soon as the opportunity arose. It certainly brightened up my day, what a great project! "

From: Lindsey

Date: 23.03.2011
Location: Peterborough

From: Jennifer

Date: 05.04.2011 9.30am
Location: A406 Palmers Green
Comments: "Stuck in a traffic jam in the rain on my way to work when I saw the poem on the back of the lorry - immediately wanted to race back home to my little boy and give him a cuddle!"


From: Lindsey

Date: 18.01.2011
Location: Bury st Edmunds
Comments: "On a bay "

From: Anonymous

Date: 20.01.2011
Location: seen on the euro tunnel heading to france

From: Carlton Gambrill

Date: 20.01.2011
Location: Dartford Road March
Comments: "Something different and happy, Very good "

From: Martyn Savage

Date: 20.01.2011
Location: Savage Haulage Yard
Comments: "Thank you to all the drivers that have took part and for the support from those that are not on the lorries, Thank you "

From: Lester Simpson

Date: 20.01.2011
Location: A14 Eastbound
Comments: "Saw one of these lorries the day after the launch...very impressed.
This is as public as 'public art' can get. "

From: Andy

Date: 21.01.2011
Location: France Belguim border
Comments: "getting some shopping"

From: Beth

Date: 26.01.2011
Location: london
Comments: "it was great my school is brookfield. I did a poem about it roses are red violets are blue and there is a special place in my hart for u "

From: Shaun Macphee

Date: 27.01.2011
Location: Huntingdon industrial estate
Comments: I think its a good idea as i wasn't the one to spot it, and my mate that took the picture asked all about it and it just makes people think."

From: Jack

Date: 31.01.2011
Location: Wembley
Comments: "stop beeping your horn "

From: Drew

Date: 01.02.2011
Location: Craft forums
Comments: "Hi I was directed to this site from someone posting the link on the craftsforum.co.uk. I just wanted to say this is a fantastic idea and the drivers must be over the moon being able to take their families with them if not in body but in picture form. Well done and i will keep my eyes open but not sure if they ever come up to Scotland"

From: Carol Critchley

Date: 02.02.2011
Location: Not sure, prob. A5  between Towcester and Hinckley
Comments: "As we have Tramper in the family who is a father of 5 yr old twin boys I think it is an excellent idea"

From: Ramos

Date: 07.02.2011
Location: Twenty foot Road, March.
Comments:"Andy's lorry on the way to the Savage yard, to take its well deserved weekly rest.
(he stopped to take a photo of my lory and I did the same to his)"

From: Trisha

Date: 15.02.2011
Location: Alconbury Airfield, Huntingdon.
Comments:"Taken from my office window. "

From: Lindsey

Date: 17.02.2011
Location: On A141 near huntingdon.
Comments: "i saw this in lay by thought i take pic looks good "

From: Richard - HaulinAds

Date: 21.02.2011
Location: Layby, South Bound nr Winthorpe
Comments: "Heading home from Kent this afternoon, I spotted Paul parked up @ 17:30 hours. Great place for rush hour viewers."

From: Kya

Date: 24.02.2011
Location: Uxbridge Road, Acton, London
Comments: "I saw Ramos's Lorry whilst sitting in my office"

From: Jess

Date: 26.02.2011
Location: M25
Comments: "I was on the way back to my home...and I looked out the window and saw the lorry, and I saw the message so I got my phone took a quick picture and wrote down the web address....Sorry for the bad picture! It was just a quick one ..."

From: Karen

Date: 06.03.2011
Location: Between Junction 26 & 27 of the M25
Comments: "Interesting image"

From: Lindsey

Date: 10.03.2011
Location: Co-op Halesowen
Comments: "Me with my tralier"

From: Lindsey

Date: 23.03.2011
Location: A14 near Rothwell
Comments: "He was goin a bit to fast lol"

From: Andy

Date: 30.03.2011
Location: Iceland DC, Enfield.

From: Paul

Date: 19.04.2011
Comments: "The pics r coming off soon so I just wanted to say how much we have enjoyed this project and I would like to wish Mat good luck with future projects "